Men Expressing Christ

In Unity There is Strength

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things” 1 Corinthians 13:11


The Men Expressing Christ invites all men to meet after the worship service on the third Sunday each month, in the Faith Chapel. Come and be a part of our many programs that are designed to help men live a healthy, happy, and prosperous lives.
Minister Director: Rev. Dr. Winston Johnson
Team Leader: Rev. Gaylon McDowell

Join Us
The third Sunday of every month in the Faith Chapel of Christ Universal Temple Immediately after service.

Our Goals
A. To develop forums for men to come together to learn spiritual principles that will empower them to be the men God created them to be.

B. To use the Five J.C.I. Basic Principles of Truth to design and implement programs for men throughout the Christ Universal Temple Community.

C. To increase the involvement of men throughout the Christ Universal Temple community in the following areas:
1. Classes offered at the Johnnie Colemon Institute and special classes for “Men Only”.
2. U.F.B.L. Ministers/ Teachers
3. Sunday School Teachers/ Youth Workers
4. Meetings of Men Expressing Christ
5. Prayer Ministry
6. P.I.P. ( Partners in Prayer) Men praying together on a regular basis. When men pray together on a regular basis, they are living the lesson that “Strong men pray”. The more we pray, the stronger we get.
7. The “outreach ministry”- mentoring our youth– particularly boys without fathers in the home. An orientation session describing the goals and activities of the program will be held with all interested parents/guardians. The date, time and location of the session will be announced.
8. Usher Board/Welcome Team

D. To develop programs that will empower men to release the spiritual power within them to become better men for themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

E. To empower men with spiritual and practical techniques to teach others, by example, how to live healthy, happy and prosperous lives.

F. To develop programs that will bridge the gap between men of all generations.

G. To provide forums for fathers and grandfathers to share the gifts of their experiences and wisdom.

H. To serve on hospital visitation teams and visit other men in the hospital so that they will know that “we care”.

I. To learn and live the message in “The Men Expressing Christ Creed”.

Contact The Rev. Dr. Winston Johnson, MEC Director, for information. Call 773-568-2282 or email to