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“Transform Your Life”

2020 Winter Class Schedule

JANUARY 13, 2020 – APRIL 4, 2020

(12 WEEKS)

“…study to show yourself approved unto God” II Tim. 2:15


A systematic study of Jesus the Christ teachings and the Five Basic Principles espoused by the Universal Foundation for Better Living. The foundation courses must be successfully completed before a student is eligible to begin their Bible Studies.

December 22, 2019 – January 12, 2020

Classes begin January 13, 2020


In Person:
Sundays before and after service

Mondays through Thursdays 9:30AM — 4:30PM

By Mail:
Complete a registration form and send it with the $20.00 registration fee for each class.

Please make all checks/money orders payable to

CUT/JCI and mail to:
11901 South Ashland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60643-5434
Students registering after January 12, 2020, must pay the $20.00 registration fee plus a $5.00 late fee, for a total of $25.00 per class. (Please do not send cash through the mail.)


Fees are nonrefundable.

A Love offering will be taken in all classes. Make all checks payable to: CUT / JCI



Required for the JCI Master Certificate Program

BASIC TRUTH PRINCIPLES I – Learn about new approaches to traditional Christian beliefs and obtain an understanding of New Thought and its fundamental
aspects. Gain new concepts of God, prayer, Jesus and much more.
Prerequisite: None
Textbook: “Alternatives to Traditional Christian Beliefs, 10th Edition” (W.L. Fisher) “The New Thought Christian” (W. Warch)

BASIC TRUTH PRINCIPLES II – This class continues the studies that began in Basic Truth I by engaging the student in a broad study of important life questions
such as, “Why do we suffer? Is there a remedy for suffering?” These and other such questions will be answered.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles I
Textbook: “Lessons in Truth, Centennial Edition” (H.E. Cady)

ADVANCED CLASS: Twelve Powers – Learn about the twelve powers or gifts to live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.
Prerequisite: Bible VI
Textbook: “Twelve Powers” (C. Fillmore)

BIBLE II: Developing Metaphysical Eyes – The student gains knowledge of the Bible through the hidden and metaphysical meanings of proper names, keywords and the significance of numbers and symbols.
Prerequisite: Bible I
Textbook: “The Hidden Mystery of the Bible” (J.E. Addington)

BIBLE IV: Old Testament II (Metaphysical) – Continuation of the study of the Hebrew scriptures started in Bible III.
Prerequisite: Bible III
Textbook: “Let There Be Light” (E.S. Turner)

BIBLE VI: New Testament II (Metaphysical) – The student engages in metaphysical study and interpretation of the New Testament from Acts to Revelation.
Prerequisite: Bible V
Textbook: “Be Ye Transformed” (E.S. Turner)

PRINCIPLES OF PRAYER – The student learns how to use prayer and meditation as practices to become aware of their oneness with God.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II
Textbook: “The Handbook of Positive Prayer” (H. Hasbrouck)

SELF DISCOVERY: It Works If You Work It – Gain proof of the healing presence through spiritual principles found in the Holy Bible, and from the discovery and application by UFBL founder, the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II
Textbook: “It Works If You Work It, Jubilee Edition” (J. Colemon)

Note: The Bible is our primary textbook. We recommend the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), although students are welcomed to use any version they prefer.
Further, the “Metaphysical Bible Dictionary” and “The Revealing Word” (C. Fillmore) are required for all Bible classes and other pertinent courses.


HOME WITH GOD – This class offers comfort, hope, healing and revelation on the process of transition.
Textbook: “Home with God” (N. Walsch)

MEDITATION CLASS – This class assists in discovering the power of your heart and how to overcome limitations and fulfill your highest potential.
Textbook: “Creative Visualization” (S. Gawain)

PROSPERITY TEN COMMANDMENTS – This class expands the traditional understanding of the Ten Commandments, revealing them as guidelines to a happy prosperous life.
Textbook: “The Prosperity Ten Commandments” (G. Tree West)

WOMEN’S CLASS – This class focuses on how to be spiritually centered, as well as embracing conflict from a higher awareness to create peace.
Textbook: “The I of the Storm” (G. Simmons)

THE PARABLES OF JESUS – The student will learn metaphysical interpretations of the parables of Jesus. Students will receive the tools needed to understand the esoteric teachings of Jesus.
Textbook: “Learn To Live” (E. Seale)

GETTING RESULTS – This class is about shifting our money psychology and focuses on understanding the actions needed to create financial independence.
Textbook: “Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant” (R. Kiyosaki)
“The 10 Pillars of Wealthy” (A. Becker)

RELATIONSHIP CLASS: How To Make Marriage Work – This class is designed to teach single or married students what they need to do to make marriage work.
Textbook: “The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted” (G. Chapman)


THE PHILOSOPHY OF JESUS – This class focuses on the core spiritual principles taught by Jesus to express the power, love and wisdom of God in daily life.
Textbook: “The Philosophy of Jesus” (E. Holmes)

PERSONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – This class is for business owners, managers, and those who are looking to enhance their business leadership skills. Practical business skills and techniques are presented for immediate use.
Textbook: “Starting A Business Quickstart Guide” (K. Colwell)
Registration Fee: $100

FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY – Dave Ramsey and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more. The classes are part video and partially facilitated and will support students in becoming financially free. The course is free, however, you must purchase
the course material online for $129.99. Call JCI office for more information.
Textbook: “Financial Peace University” (D. Ramsey)

YOUTH KARATE – Children ages 7-15 will learn self-defense, discipline, and self-confidence. Class takes place twice per week.
Registration Fee: $150

QIGONG – The student will learn how to develop health through breathing, body alignments and meditation.
Registration Fee: $100

STEPPER’S CLASS – This class teaches Chicago-style dance stepping.
Registration Fee: $80

If you’re interested in the JCTS Teacher Training Program, please call JCI office at (773) 568-1770