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“Transform Your Life”

2019 Fall Class Schedule


(12 WEEKS)

“…study to show yourself approved unto God” II Tim. 2:15


A systematic study of Jesus the Christ teachings and the Five Basic Principles espoused by the Universal Foundation for Better Living. The foundation courses must be successfully completed before a student is eligible to begin their Bible Studies.

September 8-23, 2019

Classes begin September 23, 2019


In Person:
Sundays before and after service

Mondays through Thursdays 9:30AM — 4:30PM

By Mail:
Complete a registration form and send it with the $20.00 registration fee for each class.

Please make all checks/money orders payable to

CUT/JCI and mail to:
11901 South Ashland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60643-5434
Students registering after September 22, 2019, must pay the $20.00 registration fee plus a $5.00 late fee, for a total of $25.00 per class. (Please do not send cash through the mail.)


Fees are nonrefundable.

A Love offering will be taken in all classes. Make all checks payable to: CUT / JCI



Required for the JCI Master Certificate Program

BASIC TRUTH PRINCIPLES I – Learn about new approaches to traditional Christian beliefs and obtain an understanding of New Thought and its fundamental aspects. Gain new concepts of God, Prayer, Jesus and much more.

Prerequisite: None
Textbook: “Alternatives to Traditional Christian Beliefs, 10th Edition” (W.L. Fisher) and “The New Thought Christian” (W. Warch)

BASIC TRUTH PRINCIPLES II – This class continues the studies that began in Basic Truth I by engaging the student in a broad study of important life questions such as, “Why do we suffer? Is there a remedy for suffering?” These and other such questions will be answered.

Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles I
Textbook: “Lessons in Truth, Centennial Edition” (H.E. Cady)

BIBLE I: INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE – The student gains an understanding of the entire Bible from a historical perspective and examines what the Bible really says in comparison to frequently heard contradictions. The student shall explore the First Testament (Hebrew Scriptures), the Apocrypha, and the Second Testament (Christian Scriptures). Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II

Textbook: “Don’t Know Much About the Bible” (K.C. Davis)

BIBLE III: OLD TESTAMENT I (Metaphysical) – The student gains metaphysical knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures from Genesis to II Chronicles. Prerequisite: Bible II
Textbook: “Let There Be Light” (E.S. Turner)

BIBLE V: NEW TESTAMENT I – The student engages in an in-depth study of Jesus from his birth, to his Resurrection and to his Ascension while engaging in metaphysical study and interpretation.
Prerequisite: Bible IV

Textbook: “Your Hope of Glory” (E.S. Turner)

PRINCIPLES OF HEALING – Learn the spiritual realizations to study and to apply to your mind and body in the process of healing yourself and healing others.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II

Textbook: “Jesus Christ Heals” (C. Fillmore)

DISCOVER THE POWER WITHIN – Rediscover the divine dimensions within you and recommit to living according to your divinity through the teachings of Jesus.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II

Textbook: “Discover the Power Within You: A Guide to the Unexplored Depths Within” (E. Butterworth)

Note: The Bible is our primary textbook. We recommend the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), although students are welcomed to use any version they prefer. Further, the “Metaphysical Bible Dictionary” and “The Revealing Word” (C. Fillmore) are required for all Bible classes and for other pertinent courses.


YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE – This class covers how our thoughts create our experiences and how we can take responsibility to heal and transform our lives.
Textbook: “You Can Heal Your Life” (L. Hay)

SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS – This class covers the universal spiritual principles that govern prosperity. Learn how to activate your faith and work the divine laws of God.
Textbook: “Spiritual Economics” (E. Butterworth)

ABUNDANCE NOW – This class covers how to have an abundant life of success, balance, success, prosperity and love.
Textbook: “Abundance Now” (L. Nichols)

LIFE VISIONING – The student will learn specific spiritual techniques needed to manifest the life they desire and capture the purpose and plan God has placed in every person.
Textbook: “Life Visioning” (M. Beckwith)

THE PARABLES OF JESUS – The student will learn metaphysical interpretations of the parables of Jesus. Students will receive the tools needed to understand the esoteric teachings of Jesus.
Textbook: “Learn To Live” (S. Irvin)


PERSONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – This course is for business owners, managers, and for people who are looking to enhance their business leadership skills. Practical business skills and techniques are presented for immediate use. This course requires $100 registration fee.

Textbook: “The Effective Executive” (P. Drucker)

LAY LEADER TRAINING – This course will help parishioners develop as leaders in the ministry for the growth of Christ Universal Temple and a greater impact in our community.
Textbook: TBD

FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY – Dave Ramsey and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more. The classes are part video and partially facilitated and will support the students in becoming financially free. The course is free, however, you must purchase the course material ($129.99). Textbook: “Financial Peace University” (D. Ramsey) Click To Register