Guidelines for a Master Paperback

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To become the best possible version of yourself, you must first align the various parts of your being. The mind, body, and soul must all be in harmony before true health and growth are achieved. Now you can break through any barriers holding you back from the life you dream of living.

Guidelines for a Master pulls from the iconic film The Last Dragon to help readers understand their own journey in search of Truth. Much as Bruce Leroy’s character hopes to unlock the powers of a mystical energy called “the Glow,” this inspirational book will help you harness your own spiritual energy.

This lighthearted book will be a guide for your journey to personal growth and happiness. Written from the perspective of the Unity Church, this book provides metaphysical interpretations of the Bible and religion to steer you along your path toward your best self.

A self-help book designed to connect your physical self with your spiritual self, Guidelines for a Master holds the key to a healthy life full of potential. Whether you are seeking prosperity in life or hope to cure a painful illness, your spiritual strength can help you get to your destination.