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We extend to you a most loving invitation to call us whenever there is a need for prayer support. We believe that nothing is impossible or incurable. We keep the faith with all who call upon us. We have unshakable faith in the healing power of prayer. We know that God, as Law, answers everything. The prayers of Christ Universal Temple’s 24-Hour Prayer Ministry can help you to know the power of God within you and within all persons. Prayer can carry you into a new way of thinking for better living, where you can cross over from doubt to faith.

WHAT IT IS: We are here to join with anyone who desires to pray. We offer to people of all faiths support and encouragement in prayer for whatever need is expressed.

WHY WAIT: There is no need to wait to pray until things are beyond our “human” reach, overwhelming or of crisis proportions. God is our instant, constant, abundant Source of guidance, wisdom, love and strength. Communicate actively with your God.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: You do not have to settle for less than good. When we are focused on our problems, God’s Presence then seems absent or apart from us. Move now from the problem to the solution by establishing your Divine connection with God through prayer. You are not alone!

HOW WE WORK: Every letter or telephone call receives immediate attention. In addition to immediate prayer upon receipt of any letter or on the phone at the time of the call, prayers will continue for 30 days.

HOW WE PRAY: We use positive statements of faith – not to change God, but so that our thoughts may be brought into harmony with God’s Good.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: We pray with you implying that you are to pray with us, using the affirmative prayer until it becomes a belief within you.

PRAYING FOR OTHERS: Should you ask us to pray for others, be assured that with full faith in the power of united consciousness, we happily cooperate in praying for every person for whom help is desired. However, we write only to those who have contacted us directly.

OUR COMPENSATION: We welcome, accept and receive free-will offerings in appreciation from those to whom we minister. No one should hesitate to ask for prayers because of a sense of financial lack. We are glad to pray with you, acknowledging God as your source and asking that God open channels to provide abundant supply. We know that as you expand your ability to give, you expand your ability to receive. All calls are held in strictest confidence.

THE PRAYER OF FAITH “God is my help in every need; God does my every hunger feed; God walks beside me, guides my way through every moment of the day. I now am wise, I now am true, patient, kind, and loving too. All things I am, can do, and be, Through Christ, the Truth, that is in me. God is my health; I can’t be sick. God is my strength, unfailing quick. God is my all, I know no fear; Since God, and Love, and Truth are here.”



Local: 773-568-1717

Toll-Free: 877-339-1717



Reverend Marjorie Cook, Minister Director
Christ Universal Temple – 24 Hour Prayer Ministry
11901 South Ashland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois  60643-5434



We are praying with you, this very moment.


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