To expand the reach of our better living message, we have new ways for you to be uplifted and informed! Connect with the Rev. Dr. Derrick B. Wells every Wednesday at 7:00PM for his Facebook Live program, Temple Talks. Rev. Wells speaks on spiritual principles that can transform your life, and takes your questions live! Find Rev. Wells on Facebook @revderrickwells (all one word). Rev. Wells has also joined the Chicago Citizen as a columnist. For your reading inspiration, Rev. Wells’ column is published every Wednesday in the Citizen Newspaper.

The Ambassadors of Love (AOL) will meet on Saturday, July 1st from 11:30AM to 2:00PM in Room 213.

The Christ Universal Temple Ensemble is looking for singers with the desire to be moving and inspiring through the art of song and praise! Interested candidates should contact the administrative office during business hours to schedule an audition.

The CUT Seminar Series: How Do I Forgive, Pt. 3 is taking place on Saturday, July 1st from 12:00PM to 2:00PM in the Faith Chapel. The facilitator is the Reverend Henrietta Byrd.

Rev. Dr. Derrick Wells and First Lady Sylvia Wells are especially proud and excited to announce the re-launch of C.U.T.’s Married Couples Club. The purpose of the Married Couples Club is to cultivate marriages through the development of new skills for deepening intimacy, managing conflicts, and enhancing a sense of shared value and meaning–as a means by which to anchor the family, strengthen your relationship, and transform relationship conflicts. The Married Couples Club is also an enjoyable outlet to fellowship with other married couples in regularly scheduled fun and social activities. The Married Couples Club will offer exciting topics and workshops like “Meeting Your Mate’s Needs” and “Love Languages” followed by a Couples Retreat with guest speakers. The orientation for the Married Couples Club will take place on Sunday July 9th, immediately after service in the Faith Chapel. The blessing of the Married Couples will take place in service on Sunday July 23rd. All married and committed couples are invited to participate.

Your youth ministry is planning a Community-wide College and Career Trunk party on July 30th. We will offer college and trade resources, and school immunizations while having fun and honoring our graduates. This initiative is not only offered to our C.U.T. youth, but to our entire community. In preparation of the trunk party, we are collecting school supplies and dormitory resources that can be placed in the boxes located around the building until July 2nd. For more information, contact the administrative office during business hours.

As you have noticed, we are making strides in our efforts to improve this building’s infrastructure, make repairs, and expand CUT so that we may broaden our reach in teaching people how to live better lives. All of this is made possible through your support of our three-year capital campaign, GREAT FOUNDATION GREAT FAITH GREAT FUTURE (GF3). Make your financial commitment, contributions and donations today by using the GF3 envelopes in the envelope racks OR click here. . The GF3 Team would like to, once again, thank everyone who completed his or her contributions in May. The physical recognition on the Trees of Faith is in process, and will be ready over the next month.

Get ready for Panorama of Truth (POT) Conference 2017! Universal Foundation for Better Living (UFBL) will host its next Panorama of Truth Conference at Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in the lovely country of Jamaica! Registration for POT 2017 is open. For more information, or to register, you may go to

CUT’s Youth Ministry invite youth ages 3-14 to attend our Children’s Church. Teens ages 14-18, we have space reserved for you also. We would like you to join us in Youth Wing one where you have the opportunity to learn how to apply the principles, on your level, while engaging with your peers. Feel free to go. The Youth Ministry team is excited to greet you.

Two CUT ministers will be available for individual prayer after service in front of the Main Chapel. One minister will be located on the right side by the organ, and one minister will be located on the left side by the piano.

The CUT CONNECT CARD (hold up a card) is a way to learn about all things CUT from becoming a member, submitting prayer requests, or providing feedback to the Senior Minister, to joining a group or receiving eblasts to stay up-to-date with the goings-on at your church. If you need to update your contact information, please be sure to fill out a card. GUESTS please fill out a CONNECT CARD and place it in an offering basket or in a God’s box. Guests will receive a special message from Rev. Wells.